“Anti-Drug Commitment Starts with Family”: Illustrated Harold Books Activities Officially Launched


The Illustrated Harold Books Activities, co-organized by the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) and the S.K.H. Macau Social Services Coordination Office (H.K.S.K.H.), was officially launched at the S.K.H. Taipa Children & Youth Family Integrated Service Centre in the afternoon of June 10. The ceremony was presided over by Wilson Hon Wai, vice president of SWB, and Lee Kwok Hoo, director of H.K.S.K.H.

Photo: Vice President Wilson, Hon Wai and Director Lee Kwok Hoo

Ip Mei Kun, coordinator of the S.K.H. Taipa Children & Youth Family Integrated Service Centre, presented the two illustrated books at the beginning of the ceremony, namely “Fu Ha, Fu Ha” and “Milk Tea Is Tasty”, and introduced the content of the series of activities. After that, the launch ceremony of the two Harold books was chaired by the vice president of the IAS, Wilson, Hon Wai, and the director of H.K.S.K.H., Lee Kwok Hoo. They signed the certificates made by children and delivered books to the audience, symbolizing to spread the anti-drug messages to the society. Also present at the ceremony were Lucilia, Hoi Va Pou, head of the Department of Prevention and Treatment of Problem Gambling and Drug Dependence Addiction at IAS; Wendy, Chan Kit Ping, functional head of the Healthy Life Education Team of the Division of Prevention of Drug Abuse at IAS; Un Lai Mui, coordinator of GCSSSKHM; Ip Mei Kun, coordinator of the S.K.H. Taipa Children & Youth Family Integrated Service Centre; Kwan Sok Leng, administrator of the Association of Christian Youth of Macau (AJCM); Sam Io Cheong, vice president of the Board of directors of Hou Kong Middle School; Ng on Kei, coordinator of the Integrated Support Services Centre for Women; Lok Chi Yan, deputy head of the service centre "Stage" of the Federation of Associations of Macao Labourers; Ho Man Wa, coordinator of the "Smart Financial Management" Promotion Program at the AJCM; Lam Sao Peng, community centre coordinator; and Chan Cheng Ian, representative of the Community Centre of the Association of Residents of NAPE.


Photo: Guests at the Launch Ceremony

The series of activities include the online application and distribution of illustrated Harold books started on June 13. Apart from that, the Harold Books Workshop and Story Theatre will be held on Saturday or Sunday between June and August. Parents who are interested can register at http://harold2016.no-ip.org/. Selected applicants will get free illustrated Harold books or special-edition Harold dolls. The illustrated books will also be given to school libraries and teachers are encouraged to use the books as supplementary materials to convey messages of drug abuse prevention to students.

In addition, the organizers will hold “Illustrated Books Workshop” and Story-Telling Mom & Dad Workshop” on the 25th and 26th of June respectively. To register, you can go to the S.K.H. Taipa Children & Youth Family Integrated Service Centre. For more information, you may contact Mr. U or Mrs. Ip at 28825109. Office hours:, Tuesday to Friday(14:00-22:00), Saturday(10:00-22:00) and Sunday(10:00-18:00).