Happy Summer Vacation
The Social Welfare Bureau (SWB) opened its New Healthy Life Education Centre on June 26, 2016. As its first event, on the 22nd of July, the healthy life educators and mascot “Harold” were invited to visit and to hold activities at the Sacred Heart Canossian College Chinese Section.
On that day, Harold together with the students started with an aerobic dance, followed by the educator told the story of “Fuha, Fuha” from the IAS latest published Harold Picture book. Q & A game was carried out and the winners were awarded with fresh fruits and vegetables. “Harold dolls” were presented by the Head of Drug Abuse Prevention Division of SWB, Tang Yuk Wa, and Vice Principal of Sacred Heart Canossian College. In the end, Harold led students to sing and dance and distributed gifts to students. Students were so enthusiastic and the whole event was full of joy. The message of “Preventing drug use and promote healthy growth” was fully delivered through this event and hope that all of them can have an enjoyable summer vacation in a healthy environment.