SWB continues to improve the special education class of “Healthy Life Education Programme”
The “Healthy Life Education Programme” is an internationally recognised programme run by the Social Welfare Bureau (SWB) that focuses on health education and drug abuse prevention, offering classes of English and Chinese languages as well as of special education to promote healthy life education comprehensively through multi-media teaching facilities.

The programme has been implemented in Macao for over 20 years, with an average of about 20,000 children aged 5-12 years participating each year. SWB has continued to optimise the course content, teaching facilities and instructor training for the programme. In order to make the curriculum more appealing and increase its efficacy, SWB has made great efforts to optimise and develop the special education classes in recent years with multimedia system in the teaching, using a large screen with digital video, advanced teaching technologies such as Kinect and RFID. The Healthy Life Education mascot “Harold” the Giraffe is also included in the classes, attracting students' learning interest and enhancing the effectiveness in drug abuse prevention education.

In the school year 2020/2021, there are 3 schools attending actively the special education classes of the programme, with a total of 20 classes and about 246 students. For more information on the programme and other drug abuse prevention education promotions, please contact SWB staff during office hours by the number 2822 5778.